Workout Exercise Ball with sizes from 55cm 65cm 75cm


Exercising comes with loads of benefits that you’ve probably heard a gazillion times. An example of the benefit is core strength and balance that helps you achieve better posture and strengthen back muscles. But knowing you do not have a lot of time to hit the gym regularly, we present to you The Gym Workout Exercise Ball to help you get the work your entire body and get a ripped body and stronger core anywhere and anytime!


  • Suitable for many kinds of exercise routines to work multiple muscle groups – abs, back, shoulder, etc
  • Do not burst even under intense pressure. Up to 2000 pounds
  • Can withstand very rigorous exercises
  • Improves your posture and build core strength

Super easy to set up and use

You can set up the ball in a matter of minutes with little pumping effort. Just inflate through the pump and you’re good to go! Not only that, the workout guides are very easy to follow with this ball.


Size: Variants

Colours: Variants

Pump: not included in the package


1 x Exercise Ball

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