Sit Up Abdominal Muscle Stand Bars


The benefits of working out are very clear. But despite knowing this, you do not have the time to hit the gym. Maybe you just do not want people around you when you work out. This Sit Up Abdominal Muscle Stand Bars are here to support your short daily workouts at home.


  • Protects your feet from injury and your instep from pain
  • Adjustable gears to suit your foot size
  • Easy to install and use as it requires no tool. Only a dry and clean flat floor
  • Can be used for multiple workout routines – sit-ups, pushups, back stretches, and so on.
  • Allows you to work out anywhere. It is portable and light so it can be used at home or while on a trip.


Material: Metal + Sponge

Chassis diameter: 12.5CM

Adjustable height: 17-21CM

Width: 27CM

Colour: Variants


1 x Abdominal Muscle Trainer


Check that the device is firmly in place before you start working out


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