Portable H2 Generator Water Bottle 450 ml


Day-to-day stress can generate free radicals that have negative effects on your health. But, Hydrogen-rich water can reduce these toxic free radicals. This boosts your immune system and makes you age slower. This is besides other benefits this water holds.

Healthy living on the go

You can enjoy all the benefits of molecular hydrogen Alkaline water anywhere you go. Some of which include:

  • Better hydration (up to 6x) than regular water
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Higher brain function
  • Antioxidant activity equal to hundreds of fruits with just 1.5L of the water, etc


  • Water is prepared in a 5-stage filtration process
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Fast preparation time – water is ready in 3 minutes
  • Does not rust
  • A distiller and pitcher in one place
  • High-End Hydrogen Water Ionized --It comes with world-class extreme filtration, removes impurities, reduces the water molecular size which allows it to be more easily absorbed by your body, and also contains minerals.
  • Upgrade Platinum Titanium Electrolysis -- It only takes 3 minutes to quickly electrolyze, Electro electrolysis technology promotes the stable combination of hydrogen and water, with high hydrogen concentration and good stability.1.5L of water per day is equivalent to the antioxidant value of hundreds of fruits and vegetables.
  • Natural And Safety -- Is made of safe food-grade material and has double layer finest eco-friendly food-grade Silicon glass so it's super tough, durable, and safe. Hydrogen-rich water is a safe and natural energy drink is good for your health and has an anti-aging effect.
  • More Health Benefits --Hydrogen Water Can Improve Immunity, Activated hydrogen in hydrogen water can be combined with radical, strong osmosis, activate body cell, enhance immunity, promote digestion and excretion, improve the gastrointestinal system, effectively improve the metabolism.
  • Easy to use &Economical Environmental protection: One-button quick operation, USB rechargeable, can be charged by power bank and computer, phone plug, etc. And it can save more money than Hydrogen Infused Water pack or h2 water. Made of Food-grade borosilicate glass and 304 stainless steel, without any harmful chemical substances. This ionized water bottle can be used about 15 times for one charging, easy and convenient for office, travel, work.



Brand Name: Becornce


Capacity: 450mls

Certification: CE

Type: Distiller

Installation: Desktop

Purifying Position: Terminal Purification

Power: 5W

Water Quality Requirements: High-quality Drinking Water


Do not clean the base of the cup with water to protect the charging port from damage.


1 x 450 ml bottle


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