Abdominal Muscle AB Wheel Roller for ABS Workout.


Core strength and balance comes with loads of benefits such as better posture and reduced back pain. But with not a lot of time to hit they gym regularly, we present to you The Abdominal Muscle AB Wheel Roller to help you get the stronger core and ripped abdominal muscles anywhere and anytime!

Intensely Engage Multiple Muscle Groups to achieve a toned body.

This AB Wheel helps you perform a lot of challenging movements that would challenge your body like nothing else ever before! Target all your core muscles – abdominals, back -  and much more (arms and shoulders) and watch your body transform before your own eyes!


  • Balanced and very stable. No worries about falling
  • Engages the core – stabilizer - muscles
  • Comfortable grip and can be used anywhere
  • Get more intense workouts with the resistance tubes
  • Can bear up to 440 pounds of weight



1 x Ultra-wider ab roller wheel

1 x Knee Pad

1 x User Guide

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