Adjustable volume up to 40 db Hearing Aid For Elders

$17.80 $18.99

Do you ever find yourself in a conversation or watching television and think to yourself “are they mumbling, or is it my hearing?”

Or your loved ones often ask you to repeat yourself and have difficulties following conversations in a group or noisy environment?

Perhaps you have tried on hearing aids before but find that it doesn't fit well and always create a hissing sound?

Whether you (or your loved ones) are starting to seek help with hearing loss or looking to upgrade your hearing aid, give us 1 hour and you'll re-discover the sounds you've been missing out on and be your younger, sharper self again.

Impaired hearing can be super frustrating. You miss lots of information. Not to mention the strain it takes to pick up the little information you’re able to. Well, you can change that narrative with these sound amplifiers.


  • Excellent noise cancellation that allows you to focus only on the essential details
  • Adjustable volume to suit your environment per time
  • Comfortable and painless fit
  • Compact and well hidden in your ears
  • Variable bud sizes for a perfect fit.
  • A long-lasting and easy-to-change battery

Important notes

  • This device is not intended for people with unimpaired hearing as they will hear a loud noise when wearing it.
  • It doesn’t work for people who have entirely lost their hearing. If you have totally lost your hearing, please consult your doctor.



Brand Name: AXON
Origin: China Mainland
Model Number: Hearing Aid
Item type: Listening Assistance
Material: ABS
Quantity Ear Cap: 1 Pc Small Ear Cap; 1 Pc Large Hearing cap
Volume: Up to 40 db
Battery: 3 * 1.5 V AG13 Button Battery

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