Blood Oxygen & Finger Pulse Oximeter CE/FDA

$22.80 $29.99

This Pulse Oximeter is suitable for pilots and mountain climbers that have to operate at high altitudes with reduced oxygen levels or any sport enthusiasts who would just like to Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels and Pulse Rate. The Oximeter displays the results on the go so users can easily read them.


  • Measures your blood oxygen concentration and pulse rate
  • One size fits all finger
  • Get an accurate result in about 10 seconds
  • Portable and easy to use. Just clip onto your finger
  • Suitable for all ages and gender
  • Automatically goes off when not in use


Brand Name: Heimerdinger

Material: ABS

Application: Finger

Color: Variants

Certifications: CE,FDA

Display: SpO2%, Pulse Rate bpm, battery level

Power source: 2 AAA batteries

Run Time: 600 spot checks on 2 full power batteries at an ambient temperature of 25°C.

Pulse Rate Range: 25 to 250 beats per minute (bpm)


1 x Oximeter

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