Memory Foam Leg Support Pillow

$28.80 $34.90

Being pregnant is a lot of work. It puts extra demands on your body, and this can lead to hip and back pain. This makes sleeping a difficult task because of the improper spine and hip alignment.

No more tossing and turning in discomfort

With this pillow between your knees, you can enjoy maximum back, hip, and knee support while you sleep. This way, you do not have to experience poor sleep because of hip and back pain.


  • Relieves back and hip pain
  • Soft and very comfortable
  • Keeps your legs, hips, and spine adequately aligned
  • Breathable material that does not get uncomfortably warm while in use
  • The cover is easy to wash. You can either wash by hand or with a machine
  • You can use it in many positions – between your knees, under your calf, and so on


Material: 100% Cotton

Filling: Memory Foam

Weight: Less than 0.5 kg Colors: Variants

Thread Count: 500TC

Pattern Type: Solid

Fabric Count: 20

Grade: Grade A

Model Number: P0001

Shape: Rectangle


1 x Pillow


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