Snail Essence HA and Collagen Cream for Anti-aging. 29g

$11.80 $11.99
  • S nail mucus extract has great skincare effects, it can improve fragile and damaged skin, and eliminate red blood silk, rapidly restore the health of skin, reproduce the brilliance of skin.
  • Add moisture to nourish the skin, improve dry and rough skin, help keep your skin beautiful and tender.
  • Whitens skin, improves unhealthy, uneven complexion, promote rapid skin regeneration.
  • Promotes collagen synthesis, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, delays skin aging and provides revitalizing nutrients and anti-oxidants.
  • Promote skin regeneration and prevent skin aging.

NET WT: 25g

Model Number: LK83465
Certificate Number: 6925464083465

Ingredient: s nail essence.collagen.hyaluronic acid.glycerol.vitamin
Product Name: S nail Collagen Essence Cream

Quality Inspection: Qualified. best face cream for dry skin
Expiration Date: 24 months.Snail Moisturizing Perfect Cream

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