Anti Snore Wristband Watch

$10.80 $10.99

Snoring comes with loads of unpleasant effects. Some of these include: morning headaches, restless sleep, difficulty in concentration among other things. This is in addition to ruining your sleeping partner’s sleep. The snoring stops now with this AntiSnore Wristband

Enjoy better quality sleep

Once snoring is detected, the device delivers gentle pulses that help you change your sleeping position without waking you up. This way, you and your roommate can enjoy better sleep and wake up rested. With nobody having to stick in earplugs all night long.


  • Adjustable strap to suit your wrist size
  • Comfortable to wear as it is made from safe and non-itch material
  • You barely feel you have anything on because of the lightweight
  • No sleep interruption


Material: ABS
Color: As seen in Pictures

1 x Snore Stopper
1 x Patch
1 x USB Cable

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