Upper Body and Arm Fitness Trainer - 20kg


Working out is no doubt a great way to achieve your body goals. But it often feels like the results are taking forever to be visible! You do not have to take the long road. Upper Body and Arm Fitness Trainer is here to help you get to your goal quickly.


  • Firmer and sexier arms and shoulders
  • Become stronger every day right there at home
  • Perfect for busy people. Requires only about 10 minutes daily to get results
  • Work out anywhere! The device is portable and lightweight so you can travel with it
  • Perkier breasts resulting from toned chest muscles
  • Works on multiple muscle groups

Better than weight lifting

Utilizes TRIPLE RESISTANCE TECHNOLOGY .that engages your back muscles in isolated movements that are more effective than weight lifting.


Arm Exerciser Grade: 20kg

Function: ARMS

Sizes: Variants

Colours: Variants


1 x Upper Body and Arm Trainer


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