Herbal Fresh Breath Mouth Spray - 2 Flavors

$6.80 $7.99

Daily food consumption encourages bacteria growth on food residue in the mouth which can result in bad breath. This can be very uncomfortable for you and the people around you. Maybe you simply want to get rid of the smell of food in your mouth. Since you cannot whip out your toothbrush and paste in the middle of the day or at work, you can trust this Herbal Fresh Breath Mouth Spray. It would help you eliminate the unwanted smell and put a nice one in its place.


  • Organic without GMO or sugar
  • Portable size that fits conveniently in your pocket, purse, and/or bag
  • Made from organic herbs with aromatic fragrances
  • Available in 2 flavours


Ingredient: mint
Net Volume: 10 MLS


2 x 5ml bottles

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